Why Do Countries Look For Canadian Companies For Copper Exploration?

Copper is found abundantly in the earth’s crust with an average of 33 ppm in the upper 10 km of the crust. It’s required to be in excess for commercial exploitation. The importance of these minerals is indispensable as, without minerals & metals, clean technologies would be impossible. Therefore, successful exploration for new mineral deposits, technological approaches in exploration, and the ongoing recycling of scrap will avert the indefinite depletion of this valuable metal. 

Many countries look for Canadian companies since Canada is a global producer of copper and has the highest ratio (more than 900 mining companies) worldwide. Mining is one of Canada’s most valuable economic sectors and a major job provider. It is due to major discoveries and development in the mining industry that Canada is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. 

Benefits of Mining in Canada

Canada is home to an estimated 15 million tons of rare earth minerals, thus one of the largest known reserves in the world. Therefore, about 31 non-ferrous smelters and refineries in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta process various metals like gold, copper, lead, silver, and others. The country has been among the famous world’s destinations for nonferrous mineral processing in 2019 that attracted 14% of global exploitation rates. 

Most companies are also active in Canada because the benefits of mining go beyond mineral extraction and processing. Copper exploration makes many other industrial sectors attainable like transportation, equipment manufacturing, construction, environmental management, geological services, education, and research. 

Why Do People Choose the Mining Industry?

1. TSX Exchange Is Central to Half of the World’s Public Mining Companies

The Canadian mining industry has directly or indirectly employed more than 600,000 Canadians in mineral extraction, smelting, and manufacturing. It has greatly contributed to the country’s economic strength and contributed $87 billion in 2018 (3% of Canada’s total GDP). The Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) is the top global mining exchange that is listing most of the world’s public exploring companies with the highest mining equity capital than any other exchange.

2. Hold For the Largest Share of Global Mining Equity Financing. 

Half of the world’s publicly listed mining and mineral exploration companies are located in Canada. These companies are working to extend the life of existing mines. These include Three Valley Copper, Collective Mining Ltd, Copper Mountain Mining, and First Quantum Minerals Ltd. Moreover, the exploration sector has enabled Canada to increase mineral resource potential with the advanced technical knowledge

3. Canadian Mining Industry Is Committed To Provide Greener Solutions

Canadian companies adhere to strict, world-leading regulations that ensure the health & safety of the public, and protect the environment. It has played a vital role in the transitions to a low-carbon future by improving energy efficiencies and reducing CHG emission intensities. Collective Mining based in Caldas has a “collective model” to build a stronger future while adhering to a principled approach towards the environment and sustainability. The state is also supporting the industry needs for the sector’s long-term and environment-friendly benefits. 


Canada is the largest producer of minerals and metals used to build sustainable technologies. It is sufficient enough to respond to the surging demand for goods required in clean energy technologies. Other countries look for Canadian companies for copper exploration because they play a key role in the country’s economy and have significant operations abroad. These companies are also committed to a low-carbon future and are ranked higher in the world’s leading mining companies.