What Is The Best Free Data Recovery Software For PC?

In today’s tech-savvy environment, everyone relies on the computer system to perform everyday business tasks. One prefers to store all their confidential data, i.e., photos, videos, important documents, on the computer’s hard drive and other storage media. Sometimes, due to several reasons such as power failure, accidental deletion, formatting, software corruption, to name a few, you might end up losing your valuable data. And, this would surely be a nightmare for you. It is because data is the bedrock of any organization, and if anything goes wrong, you must take the necessary actions to keep it secure. However, based on qualities and features, one such tool is launched by Stellar. 

Data Loss Situations Where You Can Recover Data With Free Data Recovery Software

Below are the common instances where you can recover data effortlessly with the Stellar Free Data Recovery Software for PC:

  1. Accidental Deletion: Accidental deletion is a common occurrence. How many times have we all pressed the ‘Shift+ Del’ key only to realize later that we actually needed the file or document? On deleting, the file is not removed from the system only its address is deleted from the map, making the file inaccessible.
  1. File Corruption: An abrupt shutdown or virus infection can make your file corrupted as well. As a result, your file becomes inaccessible and cannot be used further.
  1. Formatted Drive: At times, you may accidentally format a drive/partition while trying to explore settings and other options on your PC.
  1. Bad Sectors: Your system has too many bad sectors and thus a volume on it fails to open.
  1. Lost or Deleted Encrypted Partition: Whether it is manual deletion, bad sectors, or data corruption, the partitions can be lost with all its data. However, if the partition is encrypted, it adds to the complexities in data recovery.

What Features Can You Avail With Stellar Free Data Recovery Software For PC?

Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition is a powerful data recovery software that allows you recover all data types; including documents, email data files, videos, photos, and more. Not just that, it can recover data despite of the data loss situation i.e., deletion, formatting, corruption, etc. No matter, whether you have lost your data from your Windows PCs/laptops or storage media drives, such as HDD, SSD, USB drive, SD card, or Micro SD Card, the software has got your back! 

Some of its unique features are:

Here, we have mentioned some of the advanced features that make Stellar a better choice when it comes to free data recovery software:

  1. Complete Data Recovery: Stellar Windows Data Recovery Software offers data recovery from all types of storage media. It supports unlimited file types and formats. It can recover data, such as documents, files, PDFs, PPTs, emails, photos, audio files, and videos from multiple devices, like HDD, SSD, Tape drive, RAW drive, pen drive, SD card, CD/DVD, etc.
  1. Deep Scan for Data Recovery: The Deep Scan feature that this software offers comprehensively scans the storage media and searches the data based on the file signatures. It reads every sector on the drive and helps you recover every bit of data, even from severely corrupt storage media.
  1. Supports Unlimited File Types

The software supports the recovery of almost all file types. It can recover files, such as photos, videos, music files, Word documents, PPT, PDF, Zip folders, and emails. Moreover, the software supports unlimited file formats. For example, you can recover photos of file formats JPEG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, CR2, CR3, RAW, SR2, DCR, etc., the videos of MP4, MWV, MOV, AVI, 3GP, MPEG, MQV, etc. file formats, and the audio file formats, such as MP3, MP4, WMA, ACD, AMR, etc.

  1. Recovers Data from All Types of Storage Media

The software can recover data and files from all kinds of storage media. It supports effective laptop/desktop internal HDD data recovery, retrieves data from the external hard drive, flash-based SSD, pen drive, memory card, SD card. Regardless of which make and model is the storage media, the Stellar Data Recovery can recover data from every model and brand of device.

  1. Free Edition for Windows and Mac OS Platforms

Stellar Free Data Recovery software is available for both Windows and Mac OS platforms. On both operating systems, you can run this software and leverage all its functionalities and features. It supports all features that are compatible with the Windows version and with Mac OS. This software can retrieve lost or deleted data in all logical data loss scenarios.

  1. Supports BitLocker Encrypted Drive Recovery

The software allows you recover data from BitLocker-encrypted drive as well. Even if the drive is formatted, it helps you get back your data from the drive. Simply, you need to enter the BitLocker decryption key and then run the software. It will scan the locked drive and salvage your data successfully.

  1. Displays an Enhanced File Preview: The software displays an augmented preview of the recoverable files, such as Office documents, ZIP/RAR files, videos, images, music files, etc. The preview results are categorized in Tree View, File Type, and Deleted List formats to optimize your preview experience. In addition, it helps you verify the recoverable files before saving them.

How Stellar Free Data Recovery Software Functions?

Important: Make sure to stop using the drive from which you have lost the data to make data recovery successful. If not, you will end up overwriting the existing data. Moreover, the chances to retrieve overwritten data becomes minimal even with a data recovery software.

Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition comes with an intuitive interface. This DIY data recovery software is so easy-to-use that even a person with no technical expertise can navigate the interface and use all the features. Follow the below-given steps to recover lost or deleted data with Stellar data recovery software:

  • Firstly, download, install and run Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition. It will open up the software interface on your computer screen.
  • From the ‘Select What to Recover’ screen, select ‘Everything’ or type of data you want to recover, such as Documents, Folders, Emails, or Multimedia Files, and click Next
  • From the ‘Recover from’ screen, select the drive or location from where you lost the data and click Scan. It will begin the scanning process.

Note: You can also enable the “Deep Scan” option (bottom-left corner of the wizard) to thoroughly scan the location based on file signatures.

  • Once the scan completes, select the files you want to recover. If required, you can also preview the recovered files. 
  • When previewed, click Recover.
  • At last, click Browse to choose the location and then click ‘StartSaving’ to store the recovered files.

Wrapping It Up

One cannot deny that data loss is a worrisome situation. You may end up losing your files due to accidental deletion, formatting, drive corruption, and several other reasons. Fortunately, you can recover your data with an efficient data recovery software. If you are looking for the best data recovery software for PC, make sure to not download and install any random free software available on the internet. Try considering various factors as discussed in this blog before opting for a free data recovery software. Stellar Data Recovery Software for PC is one such DIY software that can help you recover data lost due to any of the above given data loss situations. It is safe to install and effectively recover data in all data loss situations. The software can get back all types of files from your PC.

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