What Is Entrepreneurship and Its Development?

We can consider entrepreneurship a dynamic activity that reinforces changes in the process of production, innovation, and usage of materials. Today, the world is innovating and developing at an enormous pace, creating numerous job opportunities. A study held in 2020 estimated that there are approximately 213.6 million companies in the world that are saving the global economy. Entrepreneurs are the people who create new business while bearing the risk and rewards both associated with it. The process of setting up the business is referred to as entrepreneurship. They are often viewed as innovators who bring newly improved goods, services, ideas, and methods to the market.

Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship includes the ability and readiness to develop, organize, improve, and finally run a business venture with the uncertainty of whether it would succeed or not. But the effective entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey use every useful tactic and strategy to prove themselves to be competitively strong with a powerful baseline. They tend to be creative and work for themselves. It’s not only about creating a new business; it involves seizing opportunities in the marketplace and transforming them accordingly to create value. Their businesses effectively improve the standard of living. In the real sense, entrepreneurs are the change drivers who approach changes with innovation in which new products and services enable a new market to be formed. Let us introduce you to Charles Field Marsham, who is a Canadian businessman with over 25 years of experience in building business. His leadership and entrepreneurial qualities made him successfully start multiple business ventures. He is the co-founder of the Field Marsham Foundation. He’s dedicated to fostering strong communities where he lives and works and is involved with numerous charities and not-for-profit organizations.

Entrepreneurial Process

Business isn’t built with thoughts and imagination. You will need to organize the efforts of building your enterprise. The entrepreneurial process involves several aspects of building a business listed as follows:

  • Idea generation

The idea you develop for building a business is the root of business. Without comprehensive ideas, plans will be worthless. You can write down your ideas which should be creative, unique, and impressive for customers.

  • Opportunity evaluation

You need to evaluate whether there is an opportunity worth investing in. You should do market research to find the interest and demand of customers.

  • Business planning

Planning is important to mark every essential step of creation. You need to mainly emphasize operational, tactical, strategic, and financial planning. Contingency planning should also be done to have backup plans.

  • Creation and growth of business

You will need to implement strategic planning by introducing your goods and services to the market. Focus on effective team creation and customer service to foster growth.


Entrepreneurs play an essential role in uplifting the global economy. Entrepreneurship development has enabled individuals to learn more about building a business from scratch. This comprehensive training program covers various aspects like entrepreneurial manners, business dynamics, development, and business expansion.

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