Unleash Your Design Talent in Digital Age

Children have unlimited potential built in their core. It’s the parents’ duty to help them unleash their inner talent.

One child is never the same with another. Some are more prone to sports and some are more to designing talent such as drawing, illustration and sketches. With the technology nowadays, creativity can be crafted through various gadgets like iPad and apps such as ProCreate. These creative arts not only will help in the child’s development, but they also possess the potential for monetization.

These are a few suggestions on how and where the parents could unleash the design talents in the modern world.

Join Drawing and Coloring Contest

Parents can unveil their child’s talent by signing up the child to drawing and coloring contests. This is one of the simplest methods to encourage your child to broaden their creativity. The competition can either be in schools or during public events.

Collect Commission from Art Display

You can also gather commissions when you display your artworks or portfolio. This can be done through online platforms. You can also opt for being a freelance artist or illustrator and get commissioned from creating arts requested by your clients.

Pursue Diploma Or Degree in Arts

By acknowledging your child’s design talent, you can encourage them to pursue an art course as their tertiary education. Though it is good to expand knowledge in the arts, it is rather not a necessary endeavor. The aim is more to expose the child to the culture and for social development.

Self Learn / Self Taught

In fact, one can learn all the knowledge by oneself. This is made possible with the existence of the internet. The knowledge is limitless. You can follow Youtube videos of artistic talents from all over the globe and learn from their sharings. Or you can also join paid online courses related to your favourite topics.

Build Career in Designing Industry

You can build a designing career from the talent that you are blessed with. In this modern world, the demand for design creatives is  skyrocketing. You can be an illustrator, mural artist, book cover designer or even a comic artist. The possibilities are endless, all you’ve got to do is explore and seize your opportunity.

Sell Your Art On NFT Marketplace

Another method that has gained the interest of many talents in the creative industry is marketing their products in the NFT (Non-fungible token)  marketplace. You can easily create your own persona in the NFT marketplace and start selling your designs and art.

The exchange takes place with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. It is also one of the most profitable methods because it eliminates the role of ‘middleman’ in marketing your design. Another benefits of NFT is that it has unique data which cannot be forged or manipulated.

This helps to verify and validate the ownership and transfer or tokens between owners.

All in all, the opportunities to unleash the design talents in this modern world is as vast as the wide sky. Grab any opportunity that comes to you and make a profit out of your talent!