The Importance of Social Participation of Individuals with Disability

According to research, it is estimated that 1 in 6 people in Australia are living with disability. Social inclusion of individuals with disability can encourage them to participate in all facets of life and helps promote their overall well-being. One step towards achieving this is through increasing their social participation.

What is Social Participation?

Social participation allows a person to engage in activities wherein they can spend time and connect with others. It impacts not only physical and mental health, but also can contribute positively to their quality of life in general.

What Affects the Social Participation of People With Disability?

While the importance of social participation among people with disability can be positive where appropriate, some specific factors may affect their engagement. These include:

  • Extent of the underlying disability
  • Availability of assistive devices
  • Support from family and community
  • Social, political, and cultural influences

10 Key Benefits of Social Participation

  1. Social participation of people with disability can contribute to their improved health and well-being.
  2. It impacts the quality of life for both people with disability and those who care for them.
  3. It helps reduce the risk of depression, anxiety and dementia.
  4. Social participation can boost the confidence of people with disability by helping them achieve daily tasks and establish a routine.
  5. People with mild to moderate disability can reduce the costs of long-term care and support through social participation.
  6. It helps people with disability achieve more independence.
  7. Social participation helps persons with disabilities to understand the relationship between how people function and their participation in society.
  8. It helps to provide more social opportunities for people with disability.
  9. It can help to build more networks and communities.
  10. Social participation can help people with a disability to function more positively if appropriate and if they feel comfortable to do so.

Social participation of people with disability offers important benefits. While there may be some challenges to help individuals feel more comfortable to become involved in social participation, there are also solutions to encourage them to participate. The NDIS offers supports, programs and activities that can help reach social and community participation goals. Reach out to Living My Way to learn more about the NDIS disability support services that you, could be helpful.


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