How To Decide What To Pack And What To Toss When Moving With Simplicity

Packing for a move can be overwhelming! When moving, most people want to pack and move all of their things. But after a while, it seems like you are keeping way more than you need; you end up living a life full of clutter. The trick is knowing what to keep and what to toss when moving.

Know What You Want in Your New Home and Neighborhood

When it is time to move, two questions become paramount to packing up your life and finding your next home. What do you want in your new home and neighborhood? Your answers will differ if you move to a new city for work versus moving closer to family. Figure out what you want based on;

  • Your Plans
  • Your lifestyle
  • Room and space availability

After deciding what you need for your new home, pack them in portable moving containersfor their safety and ease of movement. You can choose to donate, sell, or toss the rest. If you still have items that you have not decided whether to keep or get rid of, no need to worry; more criteria below will help you make a more informed decision.

Know Biggest Clutter Triggers

One of the first steps to declutter your home is to identify your biggest clutter triggers. These are the areas or situations that tend to cause clutter. You need to recognize items that affect your emotions and cause you to do impulse buying; you feel the need to buy the same things repeatedly.

Such clutter triggers could be toys, shoes, clothes, or even kitchen plastics. Once you identify your triggers, you can ask your partner or friends to help you sort between what to keep and what to toss. However, if you can detach emotionally from your clutter triggers, you can sort the items yourself.

Knowing yourself is essential in understanding how to manage clutter. This self-awareness will help you know your triggers and create attempts to inhibit the feeling of urgency to acquire or keep such items.

Sort Clothes Which Do Not Fit or Out of Season

When you pack your clothes, be sure to toss what is not seasonable or no longer fits. It is always hard to say goodbye to things that provide good memories, like prom dresses. However, get rid of them. Deciding which clothes to keep and which to get rid of is a never-ending process.

Some questions may help you decide which clothes to keep;

  • Did I wear that shirt even once?
  • Do I want to keep this old shirt?
  • Can I get more wear out of these pants?
  • I have to wear a belt because it doesn’t fit right, so should I pack it?

If you answer “no” to any of these questions, then toss that piece to where it belongs. Do not spend days pondering whether or not to throw away a shirt you wore once for the past year because it’s too long for you. The moment you’ve made a decision, your mind should be at ease, putting other aspects of the move into perspective.

Get rid of useless items: The fun thing about moving is that you get to toss useless items such as old keys, old bills, things that don’t function anymore, broken items, unnecessary duplicates, and focus on relationships that matter

Search For All Items of Sentimental Value

When you move, it’s essential to identify andmake sure all special items and items of high sentimental value are safe. You need to pack them in their suitable packaging material. Look for things such as;

  • Keepsakes
  • Photographs
  • Time capsules
  • Rings and other ornaments

However, if any of these items are not of any value to you or your family members, then it’s time to get rid of them. 

Leave Room For Joy

First of all, on moving day, you are probably stuffed with excitement. But don’t forget to leave room for some items that can create fun. Hopefully, they can make it easy to do the final walk-through during your moving day.

A three-year-old may need toys that are exciting enough to interest them, even if it’s for only a short time- make sure you and your kids can still play after the move. But it’s always worth considering what kinds of toys and other fun items are worth keeping.

Throw Away What You Can’t Reuse Or Repair

Packing up all your valuables when moving is not always an easy decision. Some people are sentimental about everything they own. Packing up objects that you have used for years can sometimes be challenging, especially when you remember memories you experienced with the thing. But, in the end, it’s essential to throw away what you can not reuse or repair to make room for your next adventure.


Packing is never fun but often necessary. If you’re moving, you may need to trim down your possessions. Toss what you don’t need and keep what you value. However, some items are worth investing in for which you could get good money back or at least donate them to someone that will use them more than you. To make your moving stress-free, you can contact Drop-A-Box for moving and storage services.

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