How to answer exam questions effectively?

If you want to crack an exam with all good scores you will need to have better understanding of writing an answer. There are two types of answer set in the exams. There are some broad and some short answer types.

In this blog, you will have better sketch of how to score high marks.

Answer all questions properly and accordingly

For short answer type questions, you need to write concisely. It is about answering to the point. Once your answers should be to the point you can expect to get them all right. While answering broad questions, you will need to answer those properly making good divisions of the answers.

Give your examiner scope to give marks

For broad question answers you need to have better clarity. It should easily elaborate all your thoughts about it. Any broad answer requires good and stronger perspectives of your own. You can look for change in the track of your answer. All of you just be in better shape with loads of information all along. Give your examiner scope to give marks.  

Elaborate your answer as and when required

For example, if you have any question to elaborate any situation so you can add rephrase to it in the bigging of question and then you can say let’s look how is it and then you make some bullet points on it and share some facts of your own and on those bullets point you can elaborate in a matter of short question.

Answer contains eye catchy subheads and heads

So, basically an answer contains a heading which has to be eye catchy. There has to be a short elaborative rephrase where you will say what this topic is about how what is the source of it is how you are going to describe it.

Write by using proper margins

You can make sub topics out of it and then elaborate those as well set some examples for your theory and the final thing is adding a conclusion. A conclusion is a summary for the total understanding of the answer it need not to be in a single direction it can be diplomatic you can share both side of the story is simple in concise word.

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