Healthy Breakfast Options for the Fitness Freaks

Health has been the main concern for people in today’s day and age. With many adulterations happening in the food, it isn’t easy to have a healthy meal. New and fresh innovations taking place in the food, it is intriguing to follow up how healthy it is. But all said, it is important for someone who is so conscious about health to have healthy meals and breakfast is the most important meal of all needs special attention. A well-balanced breakfast should include a variety of nutritious grains, fruits, vegetables, lean  dairy, and low-fat dairy products, as well as a small quantity of lean protein.

Important Meal

We can’t make breakfast for granted, for it is the most important meal of the day. With so many options popping up every day, it is hard to choose the right and the best one among the best, but if you want to have a meal that is really healthy and not just some fake show of health and purity, you will buy granola and other items like it. Breakfast needs to be the healthiest of them all, and with the idea of it, any reasonable person would ask you to buy granola. Studies have shown that eating breakfast may improve a  person’s memory, attention, and overall health, as well as reduce their levels of “bad” LDL  cholesterol and their risk of developing ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, and being  overweight.

Although several other options also act as healthy breakfast for anyone who recognizes themselves as fitness freaks, these breakfast options are:

1] Oatmeal

It is one of the most healthy breakfast options with several different flavours that offer an incredible amount of nutritious value. It has been observed to be good for digestion and bowel movements. With the heart being the most important of the organs, oatmeal has been proved to be beneficial for the heart.

2] Boiled Eggs

Filled with proteins and fats important for muscle development, it has been one of the best breakfast options for a very long time. It fulfils most of the needs for the protein of the body. It is also rich in choline, which is necessary for brain development and well-being.They help support muscle synthesis. They promote fullness as protein takes a bit  longer to digest, hence lowering the calorie intake later in the day. It also helps to protect against eye diseases including cataract and macular degeneration, egg  yolks contain antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin.

3] Muesli

Enriched with fibers, the digestive system is helped through it. Muesli keeps blood sugar levels in check while ensuring a low risk of heart-related diseases. It is enriched with vitamins, proteins, iron, minerals and alike, to improve the immune system. Thus, being a very healthy breakfast option.

4] Juices

If you are a person who is more into liquid diets rather than a whole meal at breakfast, juices have to be your thing. It is more beneficial for health, for fruits fulfill almost all nutritional needs. Various juices are available as packed drinks but more natural and organic, and homemade.

5] Granola

The nutritional values of granola specifically clearly explain why one should buy granola. It is a combination of grains and nuts baked. Granola has enough carbohydrates, fibers, and proteins, and it would be safe to say it would be nutritious to buy granola.


The diet that we intake helps us maintain our body in good shape physically and spiritually. Good food comes with good health, and good health comes with good life. And as tough as it might sound, it is all the game of breakfast.

So for a good life, you must buy granola from the best like The Rooted Company and opt it with other healthy breakfast options as suggested.