All you need to know about Norstrat Consulting

With the changing business era, the demand for consulting services has increased greatly. From small organizations to big ones, including government undertakings, consultancy firms offer seamless support to have efficient commercial control.

One such perfect consultancy firm is Norstrat Consulting. Let us look at the complete details to know more about the value prepositions offer organizations.

About Norstrat Consulting

NORSTRAT is an acronym for Northern Strategy. It is one of the top consultancy firms led by Lee Carson. It is a corporation that supplies government organizations with IT solutions. The company, headquartered in Canada, is one of the world’s largest and most well-known consultancy organizations.

Norstrat is a professional consulting organization. It provides services to businesses in various areas, including banking, healthcare, technology, and logistics. The business is based in Nepean, Ontario, Canada.

Its members are highly competent in a wide range of fields, and it has worked with businesses of all sizes to establish business strategies and streamline procedures. It was framed by a group of former Canadian Armed Forces members and government employees.

To assist private citizens and government agencies accused of carrying out portions of the Northern Strategy. Norstrat’s abilities have helped shape some of the world’s most well-known brands and connections.

A Brief History Of Norstrat Consulting

Founded in 1990, Norstrat Consulting is now present in over 150 nations to offer its unique expertise and support to the organizations. It came to existence based on the passion and determination of two men, Alex and Peter, who could not get a decent job in the IT industry.

Developing to be the top multidisciplinary company that offers smooth support and services. Gathering knowledge for over thirty years to help big corporations and start-ups develop into well-established companies.

Norstrat has a team of experts that can help firms adopt the Canadian Northern Strategy. Their expertise assists businesses in developing and implementing strategic plans, and they also aid governments in applying for grants and applications from the government.

These consultants are well-versed in guiding small and large firms alike through the complexities of the legal and regulatory systems to achieve their objectives. Norstrat offers a complete range of services in four different categories based on the same foundation.


Mission Of Norstrat Consulting

The main aim of the Norstrat consulting is to put the clients in a better position to gain profits. Offering a wide scope for consulting and correspondence administrations, Norstrat aims toward building the brand to match the market considerations.

Services Offered By Norstrat Consulting

Norstrat provides a full range of consultancy and communication services. Norstrats’ strategic specialists can assist customers with anything to everything from creating a new logo to implementing a new business strategy.

Norstrat also offers a variety of training options. Its Business Coaching Programs are geared at those who work with clients. Personal development coaching is also available which is aimed to assist people in improving their time management abilities.

Norstrat focuses on the four different range of service segments to assist its clients and offer the support. The broad ones include:

Developing Strategic and Innovative Plans

Focusing on the innovative methods to build the strategic plans, it includes the services of proper advertisements, incorporating branding with the advertising materials, and adopting multi-channel communique techniques.

● Account Development and Management

An expert consultancy firm with the base of all kinds of organizations, right from start-ups to large ones, Norstrat ensures that an expert is assigned to every company for dedicated services and support. The end-to-end guidance at all levels ensures seamless growth.

● Financial Services and Advice

Financing is one of the primary considerations of all organizations, and Nosrtrat offers support with the help of economic experts. It helps in smoothly acquiring the finances and ensures a smooth application in the process. Pharmaceutical companies, financial services companies, and new start-ups have worked with the group.

● Advertising Agency Services

Advertising is important to spread the word about the brand and its services. The marketing and advertising agency’s carrier bundle includes market research and assessment tools. A complete set of tools for advertising assessment ensures that everything runs smoothly.

Industries Working With Norstrat Consulting

Norstrat is a key contributor to infrastructure projects in Canada. It was a booming advisory board for foreign companies, and it also assisted in the creation of foreign industry plans. The company’s professional staff has a wealth of experience producing innovative services and new technology that help clients enhance profitability.

The broad categories of the industries with which Norstrat is working include Aeronautics, Cassidian, Kraken Sonar Systems, Hill+Knowlton Canada, Canadian Coast Guard, and others.

Top Assistance Offered To Norstrat Consulting Partners


Norstrat offers multilevel support to its partners and companies, that include everything right from workshops to the software. All these are aimed towards skill development, the main of which are listed down as follows:

Leadership software

Leadership software is designed to educate professionals about the different abilities linked to leadership, communique, and presentation.

● Expert development workshops

The expert development workshops aim to assist the companions in developing higher networkers, communicators, leaders, and salespersons.

● Commercial training workshops

The commercial training workshop facilitates the managers to achieve success by developing the commercial abilities and is conducted by the pro-experts of the field.

● Executive training software

The executive training software focuses on assisting executives in expanding communique, organization, and crew building abilities.

A Quick Review

A tiny number of Northern business executives, officials, and few Canadian Armed Forces recognized the Norstrat consultancy. They needed a critical step in their approach to assisting customers utilizing their methodologies to better serve them as they grow from formidable individuals to well-established businesses.

Norstrat is a creative and trustworthy government agency whose main focus is on offering advisory services to growing small businesses. It has worked with some of Canada’s most well-known companies, such as Babcock, MacDonald, Calian, Canadian Light Source, Aeronautics, and L-3 Ocean Systems, to name a few.

Norstrat Consulting is based on the Northern Strategy and is one of Canada’s top consulting businesses. The Canadian consulting firm provides strategy development, advertising services, public affairs, marketing communications, business intelligence, and technology development.

They aspire to make the world and people’s lives better than they have ever been. As a result, Norstrat has done its best. Norstrat Consulting is the ideal organization for anybody looking to establish or grow a company. They indeed offer a one-stop destination for all business needs and lead towards growth and profitability. 

To learn more about Norstrat’s history and the various services, you may do so by visiting their official website.

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