5 Important Questions to Ask a Commercial Landscaper When Hiring

 Commercial landscaping is fast gaining fame in the business world. Nowadays, most property owners seek the best way possible to attract customers to the buildings. One of the common ideas is landscaping and is an excellent way of enhancing a property’s exteriors. Luckily, there are many commercial landscaping firms, and you can always get the right expertise for the task. However, it’s best to hire an experienced team.

Here are questions to ask a commercial landscaper:

1. What’s your experience?

One of the critical aspects of any service provider is experience. You want to engage a team with the right skills to undertake the task and offer excellent results. Therefore, find out the team’s level of expertise and whether they possess the necessary certification and qualifications. Check their work history, and search for online ratings and reviews. This way, it’ll be easier to determine the kind of services offered to previous clients.

2. How long have you been in business?

Even though the company may have all the expertise to understand commercial landscaping, find out how long the company has been in operation. Determine their reputation levels in the area and if they have been undertaking the projects successfully. If you get a commercial landscaping company that has been in business for long, this is a plus. This means that the team has gathered adequate experience to ensure the client’s satisfaction. 

3. Are you licensed?

The best company should have all the proper licenses and certifications. Landscapers require a specialty license and sometimes a diploma in horticulture. Find out if the corporation has this to determine their expertise.

 Insurance is yet another crucial requirement, so inquire whether the company is insured. This comes in handy in case of accidents and injuries to the workers at your property. Lastly, the team should abide by workplace regulations and safety at all times.

4. What’s the cost & how long will the project take?

 Get an estimate for all the services and find out if there are other hidden costs. Understand what’s included in the service package, for this helps in budgeting. Have this included in the contract to avoid disputes later on. Also, have the company set an estimated project completion date. The best contractor will endeavor to complete the work within the set time limit and keep you updated in case of any eventualities.

5. Do you have all the necessary equipment?

 Commercial landscaping involves a vast area and is different from residential landscaping. The team should have all the required equipment and understand how to use them. Find out about the equipment used and whether the team will bring trucks to your building. Think of how some equipment will inconvenience business owners on the premises and plan accordingly.

Wrapping up

Hiring the right team determines the success of your landscaping project. You’ll come across different landscaping companies and should choose the best. Therefore, ask the questions mentioned above and pay attention to every contract detail. You’ll save a lot of stress, time, and money by engaging the right service provider.

Sudarsan Chakraborty
Sudarsan Chakraborty
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