What Are Ground Fault Relays and Their Application?

Electricity failures can result in high-cost damage. Ground fault relay is actually a protective scheme which is developed to detect a basic ground fault. The electrical enclosure is protected to eliminate any hazardous voltage of potential that could harm the device related to them. It would help to reduce the possible shocker hazard especially when you are looking to ground a power system. The power relay for the grounding system plays an important role in maintaining the frame of the building so that the power is staying to the required instead of causing accidents.

What Is a Ground Fault?

Ground fault relay is a contract between the conductor which has a grounded equipment frame. The fault current finds the return part in the ground system through any equipment which can result in the breakdown of insulated properties. In order to make ground faults we need a damp, dusty and wet environment. You need to put extra diligence and focus to design and maintain this equipment. The conductive water can degrade the insulative system and cause the hazard

Why Do We Need Grounding?

Grounding is an important attempt to eliminate any hazardous voltage rise that can affect the device. It can also affect the ground or the floor on which a person is standing and cause shocks and hazards. The ground power system is at any time to maintain the low resistance in the ground path and the devices stay grounded and avoid any kind of ground fall. The conductor in the frame of equipment should follow the low resistance path so that the fault current goes back to its source. If the same is hide resistance then the equipment can face high voltage and the fault will not go back to its source.

Generally electrical fault can be categorised into two category

  • Ground fault
  • Phase to phase fault

What Is The Application of The Ground Fault Protection System?

Ground fault protection systems are used in both types of circuits whether it is DC or AC.

Protection of AC System

Places like chemical plant refineries uses alternating current systems which require a continuous flow of power. It cannot be interrupted or fluctuated because it can cause a lot of loss. The system needs a high resistance basis which can keep them ground 8. The problem is that the under-system and transient overvoltage find it difficult to locate the fault. By using protection or relay for ground fall you can go through easy detection of faults in the underground system.

Protection of DC System

The DC system has both positive and negative systems. The fault in the DC system can cause damage in the source and the ground fall relay installation will reduce the module between the two bases and establish a point where they can create the path for fault current flow.


Ground systems are necessary for protection from overcurrent. They are essential in industries like Healthcare facilities and other machinery where it is critical to have a power source.

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