How Industrial Design is Predominant in Our Modern-Day World

A crucial aspect of our everyday lives and even how we interact with the world around us is accredited to industrial design. When we create new inventions, we want to have something that is convenient and easy to use. If it isn’t, then it will not succeed. That is why when you are making your product, you need to depend on a designer who has critical and practical thinking skills to turn your idea into a commercial success. Did you know that there is even a World Industrial Design Day celebrated annually on June 29th? That comes to show how truly important and what an individual form of art it is.

Humble Beginnings

Industrial design as we know it today is said to have begun in the 18th century in England during the Industrial Revolution. However, the term itself was not coined until 1919 by Joseph Claude Sinel (1889-1975). He was the first to call himself an industrial designer and also accredited as the father of industrial design. He designed a multitude of trademarks during his hayday, including that of the Art Institute of Chicago. “I wanted a freedom of movement,” Sinel once said, “an opportunity to earn an adequate living and a chance to enjoy the fruits of the earth and the ocean and to live the unconventional life as much as I could.”

Examples of Good Design

The Famous Coke Bottle

Coca-Cola has been popular even before some of your grandparents were born. The bottle as we know it has transcended from generation to generation for nearly 100 years because of, you guessed it, good design.

Apple Products

Apple is world-famous for their user-friendly technology, not just in terms of how they compute information but also how they are designed. Apple makes their products easier to understand for people who may not be as tech-savvy. From iPhones to MacBooks, it is no wonder that Apple is the most valuable company in the world, beating out other big corporations such as Amazon and The Walt Disney Company.


Another fine example is many of Google’s products. Who would have thought that a simple search engine that launched in 1997 would become one of the most prominent names in the world within a few years? From the Google Chrome web browser to Chromecast, and even their own logo, each of these products had to be designed strategically and effectively in order for them to receive positive reception from global markets and economies. Speaking of that, successful industrial design is able to cut across all different societies and cultures around the world, or at least be able to even slightly adapt to them. That way, more customers and demographics become loyal consumers.

You can count on us

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